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Monday, May 25, 2009

Roets Aeromodel Design

How many of you remember the large Scale J3 Cub I posted a few months ago. Well Chris has his own Blog now. And he has some new models in his stable.
Check out Roets Aeromodel Design

Chris says he would love to come and fly at BERG one weekend and even do some aerotow for us. If anyone wants to get hold of him, you can phone him on 082 572 2118
I recon one of these beauties are perfect for the job.
So get those big scale gliders ready guys.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sherk is not only a Movie Star.

Yesterday I had to collect the work that I took to Silverton no so long ago and this time round knew that I could pop in to Craig Baker’s (Cloud base Composites) factory next door for a quick cup of coffee. This time it was no surprise to Craig when he saw me.

After seeing the post on the BERG blog he decide to give his workshop complete make over and a spring clean just in case a Berg reporter pitched up again and start snapping some pictures for the BERG blog. To help him he had call in his veteran Tug-pilot (Shrek) as you can see entering his Wilga A35 tug from a unusual top wing position to do some instruments checking.

Sherk is not only a Movie Star but he happens to be a very active tug pilot on weekends at the Silverton model gliding club near Pretoria. During the week he helps Craig with the maintenance and building of beautiful model RC gliders.

To see more of his activities you can go to Cloud base Composites blog at this link .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Exl

Chris and his 3M electric Big Exl

Really nice electric glider but at more than 3 Kg tricky to setup, cover some sky in a hurry and fully aerobatic.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

F3B Practice at BERG

Lionel and Michelle about to launch a Deon’s F3B glider.

On Sunday morning the weather did not look promising for a good thermal activity and RC gliding at all, but I needed my flying fix for the week and also to go and help BERG newest member Chris to maiden his 3 meter electricship.

Deon concentrating on landing after a speed run.

Take that!!! ( Lionel with a strong right hand launch)
I did not expect many members to turn up. To my surprise and as I turned into the gate at the Berg field there were 4 cars ahead of me heading for the parking spot. It turned out to be the SA F3B team all geared up and ready for practicing for not so far away upcoming world F3B championships later on this year.
BERG's newest members Johan and Chris with their keen youngsters.

Apart from a light to moderate wind (that started out somewhat southerly and then turned NW) the flying we did turned out okay.

Later on Stefan arrived and had us all amazed with his latest discus launch glider demonstrating some good launching heights