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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BERG Counter Step's on - 300 hit's in Oct

The May Family enjoying the flying of Volksrust.

The BERG Blog has registered another 300 hits this month and in total we have registered over 700 hits so far.

Thanks to all our keen members and for all those that contributes to this site.
If you have any material that is worth up loading please let Evan, Mike or myself know.

Remember this blog belongs to all of us so keep up the viewing.

Monday, October 30, 2006

2 New Members at BERG

Welcome aboard Jason Edwards and Philip Binet.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey when you get to my age, you think no one can teach you anything, or maybe I am now of the opinion that they cant all be wrong, so were is this going. I really never thought a piece of polystyrene and some parcel tape , some correx and some colour could be so much fun.
I bent to peer group pressure and built a ZAGI as per the instructions.
On our recent trip to the slope I asked Evan to look it over he briefly checked it out and to my surprise launched straight off the slope, it flew just like that, serious, S e r i o u s.
The Zagi can be set up from mild to wild ,but do need a bit of a blow to remain aloft, as the B.E.R.G. club tries to attract more members, to the slope facet of gliding, this is the plane to consider.The Zagi is cheap easy to build can crash up to 100 times and still fly.
My son who is only just getting started flew contineously for 15 minutes unaidded.
Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks, or a new dog an old trick.


ps I still dont think they look right

Yours in gliding

Gliding Clinic

We are planning a Gliding Clinic at BERG on Sunday the 3rd of December.

Craig Goodrum will be giving us a talk on the secrets of finding thermals, staying with them, wind vectors, field indicators, setting up gliders, launch techniques, setting up landing approaches, landing methods (not always the best) and lots, lots more.

The clinic will start at 10h00 on the BERG flying field. Bring your own refreshments please.

If there is anything special you would like discussed please let us know so we can ask Craig if he can cover it.

For suggestions and or comments, please use the comment button below.

The usual flying will also take place and I'm sure Craig will also do some demonstrations!

Please observe the normal safety procedures and make sure you have your peg before switching on.


Monday, October 23, 2006

More pictures at Volksrust 2006 (October)

Ventus 2ax in motion at Volksrust October 2006

Volksrust Weekend ( October 2006 )

Well what a fantastic outing this was, and before I indulge in the detail let me first of all thank the following persons: Andre Maritz of the White hills r/c club for allowing us to share the facilities at Oom Louis place and also for Mike May of our BERG club for sponsoring the Saturday night braai packs. All together we were 20 plus well behaved modeler's and the frequency control implemented work very well. I am not aware of any problems over the 2 day's and at time's the Sky was really crowded with as much as 8 to 10 aircraft in the air. The wind came to the party on Saturday (Andre was already flying at 9 AM) and I was able to fly almost every model that I brought along. Mike May's Big One is always a showstopper and the smoke flare made it even more spectacular. So with out further ado here are some pictures I took for you to admire.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Volksrust trip Oct 2006

Our trip to Volksrust was shared with about 6 pilots from White Hills, Gert and of course Norbet, who is a regular visitor to this slope. And what a lovely weekend it turned out to be. Saturday was perfect conditions from the NW and everything reveled in the lift.
Our two first timers to the Slope, Peter and Len had a ball.
Mike thrilled us all with a smoke display with his Ventus on the Saturday.
The Braai and stories were great on Saturday evening around the camp fire. Thanks Mike for sponsoring the Braai packs.
Sunday's breakfast was great and we were soon on the slope again.
The wind had made it's predicted 180 degree swing to the SE and was also gentle as per the forecast! For once the Weather Service got it right. Or did I just guess correctly! Nice thing about Volksrust is that it cateres for wind from any direction.
Len was on top from and regularly found himself way down below the top, but never panicked and always found a thermal to bring the model back up. An hour flight with his GL saw him work lift from down below on about 10 occasions. Some relay inspirational flying there Len. Well done.
Now we look forward the Black Eagle Weekend in March.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wedding Bells and Birthday wishes

To another Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday Stephane for your birthday on 6th October. As they say better late than never.

And as a Birthday present he and Joan are getting married on Friday.

We at BERG wish the two of you all the very best.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthday Boy's - Evan Leonard Shaw and Peter Karner

Above: Mike May (left) and Evan Shaw (right) setting up The Big One (Ventus 2ax at Rosendal).
Top: Peter Karner Showing Charl Viviers how it should be done

Our Birthday Boy's for the month (founder member)
of our BERG club Evan Shaw and Peter Karner.

We wish you both a happy birthday. Thursday the
19th October(Evan) and the 17th(Peter) and may
you have many, many more. We all are practicing hard
to sing Happy birthday to you on Saturday night
at Volksrust.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Volksrust Trip update

Just a reminder to all BERG members that you are invited to Volksrust on the 21st and 22nd October. Remember that the date has been moved forward by a week.

Anyone wanting a lift down in Evan's Kombi please contact him via email evshaw(at) or on his cell 083 254 1809
We leave early on Saturday morning , sleep over at oom Louis's place and come back on Sunday afternoon.

All BERG members get a free braai pack, sponsored by Mike May on Saturday evening.

Please let Piet know if you intend coming as he needs to confirm bookings with Oom Louis. Accommodation will cost you R65.00 for Bed and Breakfast.

Monday, October 02, 2006

BERG to Stage F3J comp on Saturday 7th October.

Hi all BERG members,

The BERG flying field and Team will be
in Action again this Saturday the 7th

This time we will be running a F3J event.
The F3J event is a thermal duration Event
with a 10min working time/Max and
spot landing.

To add to the mix we have allowed for 150 meter
winch to boost the number of pilots that can fly
at the same time.

Any floater can compete now (even a 2-meter Gentle Lady
or standard Tsotsi). So come along and enjoy the trill of
F3J with out having to run your hart out.

Entry Fee: Senior R20.00
Junior R10.00

Pilots Briefing. 7.45 am
Start time: 8.00 am

All Fund’s collected will be donated to the F3B 2007 world team.

Please forward your entry consisting of your
Name Club SAMAA No. and 2 Frequencies
(indicate your prefer frequency) to
Mark Stockton at
by Wednesday the 4th October 15h00.

See you all there !!!


PS Bring your own refreshments with.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

BERG blogspot Hit Counter - 400+ Visits in September

Hi all BERG members,

Since the creation of the blogspot earlier in September
we had 400 + visits to our blogspot proving that this is
very popular way of dispensing info 'as it happens'.

If you have any contributions or suggestions to make or
even a Link to a worthwhile web-page please contact
me or Evan so that we can update the BERG Blogspot.

Just a reminder that our slope trip to Volksrust is now
28 days away and that their is still time to
'put something together' and don’t forget Mike May's
kind offer to a free braai pack worth R35-00 on the
Saturday evening if you come along.