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Friday, June 29, 2007

Midweek freak weather in BERG country

Never a dull moment in BERG country, we are always flying something, even if it is the Blue Bull flag. This is the weather that we had on Wednesday at work.
Meet Jo Cool.

Hope this will warm the harts of our neighbors north of the Jukskei river.We try to persuade this fellow to stay but by this morning he was found all melted away.

Monday, June 25, 2007

RES/100 Challenge Round 2 at BERG.

With the Nat’s held in KZN this weekend BERG club members that did not enter were out in force on Sunday at The BERG field with their RES thermal ship’s to fly a very close fought competition
This is what a thermal looks like – (provided that you have the correct dark glasses that is WSB standard issue- also note spy satellite vapor trail in bottom left corner)

Tony's 2.5 meter Tsotsi .

Evan getting read to Fly (Standard 2 Meter Tsotsi )

Flying in Grand Style (Al Capone-Zimmie)


BDSALL(Barn Door Stops All) nothing is ever small on Mike's models

Mike's 2.8 meter RES with Pathfinder fuse.

Mike relaxing while Evan is working out the score.

Evan's 2 Meter Tsotsi.

The Results:

1st Evan Shaw 2083 - 2 met Tsotsi

2nd Piet Rheedres 2076 - 2,5 met Tsotsi

3rd Mike May 2009 - 2.8 met Own design (Built-up wing on Pathfinder fuselage)

4th Peter Eagle 1874 - 2 met Tsotsi (Borrowed from Evan)

5th Tony Roberts 1836 - 2,5 met Tsotsi (Rudder, Elevator only - No Spoilers)

Possible Max 2120. It can be seen from the results the scores were particularly high and as mentioned earlier a close fought battle ensued for the top spots. In the end it was the landing that separated the top three.

The Club Score is 4193 out of a possible 4240

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shongololo # 5 is Born

The proud owner of another new Shongololo, Henk Kapp.

Black Fuselage with a Carbon/Aramid Canopy
Yellow and black wings

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Final F3B Practice before departure to the Worlds

The final Practice for the F3B team was held at BERG on Saturday. Thanks to all who attended!

Meet the team:
The Team

Craig waiting for the thermals

The team is in need of funds so if anyone wants to make a donation please contact Wolfgang. Golf Shirts (R250) and Tee shirts (R150).

Please support the team and order you shirt right away!

We wish them all the best!

Good luck

Monday, June 11, 2007

F3B Practice at BERG

F3B Practice #3 at BERG on Sunday morning. There were a total of 4 rounds flown in distance and some speed thrown in at the end for good measure.

9 participants, the F3B team Craig, Michelle & Dion, and then Wolf, Peter Eagle, Rodney, Piet, Derek and for one slot Ian. We missed you Peter Joffe! What happened, you did not pitch? Hope you can make it next Saturday!

A huge thanks must go to all you guys for offering up your time to help the F3B team with their practice. Distance is the one section of F3B where the teams does not get a lot of practice and needs other pilots to fly against.

BERG will be hosting another practice session on Saturday 16th from 11h00 onwards. This is the last of the F3B practice session before the team starts preparing to leave for the World Champs next month. Therefore, we would like to see a much bigger turnout, so we can send the team off in grand style. If you can make it, please try and be there. The team really needs your help and support.

Another big thanks must go the the long suffering "Base B" flagmen. Gordon, Heinrich & Tony. Here seen stocking up on some much needed sustenance before the next stint at Base B. Guys, without you F3B distance cannot happen. It is people like you that are willing to give of your time to help others that make all this possible. Thanks a million!

And last but not least, another thanks to Martie for providing us with food and drinks yet again. You have set a wonderful standard that will be be hard to beat. It's so great to get a hot cup of coffee or soup on those chilly mornings and the burgers and sarmies are great.

Tony's Shongololo Flies

On Sunday the 10th June after the F3B practice session ended, Tony assembled his Shongololo for the first time at the flying field. The usual checking and range checks were done and then with Piet at the controls and Evan doing the launching it was given a test glide to see if the incidence was more or less okay. After some adjustment to the elevator setting it was committed to the winch for it's maiden flight. Straight up the line she went without a glitch. After the initial trimming, Crow break was deployed and she pitched her nose up, so more down elevator compensation was required and the dive test reveled that she needed a little less nose weight. So Piet brought her down and the necessary adjustments were done and then she was launched on flight #2. Crow was tried again and she still pitched up so more down compensation was required. The one flap jammed down when the knuckle hooked the top skin, but Piet turned her down wind, opened and closed crow again and the flap closed. Crises over he landed her and further adjustments were done to rectify the sticking flap and down compensation in Crow mode.

Now the moment of truth had arrived. It was Tony's chance to fly his own plane. Piet flew her up the line and handed Tony the transmitter. He was understandably nervous, but flew her like a champ and only handed the transmitter back to Piet for the final approach and landing. After a bit more tweaking of the settings it was up the line again with Piet's assistance and soon Tony was trying his hand at thermalling.Even managing to catch a little bubble and extend the flight a little. This time it was his turn to land which he managed quite okay. Unfortunately the silicone hinge let go when the aileron caught the grass on landing. Luckily no damage to the model, but it does go to show that ordinary bath silicone is not the stuff to use for hinging.
Once all the excitement was over it was down to some celebrating and Tony soon had the Champagne flowing. It was a very memorable days and the late afternoon drink after flying to celebration Tony's new Shongololo was much enjoyed by those present. Well done Tony She looks lovely and may she always fly in Green Air and all the landing be smooth and gentle.
A special thanks must go to Craig and Rodney for this wonderful model and the permission they have given us to use their design in the building group. I'm am forever grateful for all the advice and assistance that they have given me. Thank you!

Just for the record there are already 4 Shonglololo's that are complete, Tony #1, Hannes #2, Gordon #3, Heinrich #4 and we are currently busy with #5 for Henk. There are another 8 people lined up in the building group, Mark, Robert, Len, Trevor, Rudi, Peter, Derek & Etienne. The turn around time is 3 week per model so by the end of the year we should see quite a few more Shongololo's flying. At this rate we could soon start a Clubman class in the HTL just for all these Shongololo's. If anyone else is interested in joining the group please contact me We build once a week on a Wednesday evening at my place in Krugersdorp.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

BERG blog Hit Counter register 4000

Almost unnoticed by the BERG blog team consisting of Mike May, Evan Shaw, Charl Veviers and myself, the BERG blog hit counter step over the 4000 home page hits a few day’s ago.

This figure represents an average hit count of 400 over the last 10 months
and once again proved to us how useful and popular this tool has become.

I am not sure what attracts our visitors most but I presume that the construction articles by Mike and Evan must be on top of the popularity chart and then also the fact that we try and keep the BERG blog update at least once a week.

As a comparison to the SAMAA official Blog, they have attracted 17,287 hits over 27 months to average 640 Home page hits per month the BERG Blog’s 400 Home page hits is doing well. To Mike, Evan and Charl, thanks for your support and keep up the good work.

It will now be interesting to see if we can get to the 5000 hits mark in our first year.

Monday, June 04, 2007

HTL - BERG Thermal Challenge

BERG hosted the 4th HTL on Sunday 3rd June. The competition was flown to a new set of rules, the BERG Thermal Challenge, developed to try and make the event more of a thermal comp with less emphasis on launching and landings. On the whole it was quite successful, with the relaxed landing system, which saved a lot of dorking. The 15 second launch window worked but did not really stop the mad rush in the beginning as was hoped, so this is an area that must be looked at for future events. Mark suggested a working time of 12 minutes and 15 seconds in which to record a 12 minute flight without any launch penalty! Comments welcome!

The winch line was well spread out with 29 entrants in 10 teams. The 27 finishes are testament that the rules did not put to much strain on ones plane. The thermal condition were quite tough, but there was still plenty of lift about if you could find it and there were plenty of maxes recorded. It seemed that all of the the strong thermals would develop low down upwind, drift across the field quickly and finally break away on the downwind side of the field and take the models high and far back. The weather gods smiled on us for Sunday and we must be very thankful for what turned out to be a lovely day in the end.

Our CD for the event was Charl who run a tight schedule which allowed the comp to end at a decent enough time so the fly-off could happen when there was still some lift about. Thank you Charl!
Thanks must also go to Lionel the scorer (above), and of course Marti (below) for providing us with plenty to eat and drink. Marti's tuck shop is beginning to become a regular feature at our events and is most appreciated and enjoyed by all.

The fly-off was contested by 7 pilots (below) who ended the event in the following order. 1st Paul, 2nd Izak, 3rd Conrad, 4th Craig, 5th Rodney, 6th Michelle, 7th Mark. Well done to all. The full results will be made available on the mgasa group.

The prize winners (above) from left to right, Lionel - Hard luck prize. (For a tree snatching his model from the air and then throwing it down onto the fence and destroying it.) Alan - 1st RES/100, Paul - 1st Open, Heinrich - 1st 2 Met, Peter Karner - Hard luck prize. (Breaking his Tsotsi on the first flight of the day.)

Below, Rodney and his timer Alan, provided us with some acrobatic Hop, Skip and Jumps on his landing in the fly-off. Quite a site to see the old man leaping into the air as his model passed under himself. Who said that we don't get any exercise when we fly?

The winner Paul with Lionel timing for him in the fly-off.A few more photos from the events.