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Sunday, November 14, 2010

GEMS PSS 2010 Event a major successes.

Paul Carnel’s winning entry with the Cesena ‘Dragonfly' does a close in fly-by on the Volksrust North slope.

The wind was howling on Saturday, so much in fact, it was very difficult to lift the bigger models into the wind and launch. In the video below, take note how the wings are bent downwards by the force of the wind until Norbert manages to get them up and flying just before the launch. Also note how the guys shirts are flapping in the wind!!

Evan  Launching Izak’s  Mig 7 for it’s Maiden flight.

Paul  receiving the winner’s trophy from Evan Shaw.

The 2010 GEMS PSS event over this weekend started on Saturday with excelent conditions for the entire day with a steady North westerly wind of +/- 30 kph and at times peaked as high as 40 kph. This proved to be Ideal conditions for Pauls ‘Dragonfly’ my Aero Commander and Norbit’s Jet. Sunday however, some low cloud set in and the wind changed direction to easterly. Despite this Norbet flew his 6 met SB10. Not exactly a PSS, but spectacular none the less!

There were not many slope gliders that didn't take to the air and everyone had a ball of a time. Thanks to a well run Event from the GEMS club. Here are just a few of the many pictures that we took over the weekend.
Evan Launching the Aero Commander

  Norbit’s Jet Fly By.

The War-birds squadron displaying how to do formation flying.

Paul’s "Splatfire" did not got shot down in a dogfight with some other war birds, it just promptly explode on a perfectly normal landing !

By Sunday the wind turned Easterly and most of the pilots had already stared the journey back, however we manage to take this group photo with the aid of 3 photographer’s  and if you're wandering  what Evan is doing on the ground take a look at the picture below.

I took my E-slope Mini Pulse with and it had no problem flying in the high wind conditions we had on Saturday, but unfortunately the way I mounted the wing proved to be the weak point, breaking away from the fuse on landing, (no major damage and it can be fixed in half-hour or so.) Flying out over the slope I never needed to run the motor as there was so much lift. However the one time I needed it was when I came to far back over the slope and go into some serious turbulence just behind the edge of the slope. I just open the motor for a burst and it shot forward back in to the smooth air within a few moments.

To all the Members of the GEMS club, thanks for a very relaxed and pleasant weekend.

Now to think of a PSS topic for next year’s event!.

Seems Izak was very upset the weekend came to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Actually the ravages of flying in very windy conditions and facing the setting sun on Volksrust west facing slope)