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Saturday, September 16, 2006

BERG plans Slope Trip To Volksrust end October 2006

Hi all BERG Members,

We are arranging a Slope trip to Volksrust on the weekend Sat 28th & Sun 29th of October. The idea is to get all our members to come along and enjoy the thrill of slope soaring, sit back on your deck chair and fly as long as your batteries can last.

Just about any RC glider can fly here, from a Gentle Lady to a Zagi. Even a Zagi with a Rock on top. (RockZagi) or translated into Afrikaans " Klipspringerkie". A special type of antelope that is highly adapted for slope soaring.

Mike (GBOGH) May will be flying his 5 Meter Ventus 2ax again, and oh boy what a sight it is to see this one fly. Even if you don't fly, this alone will make your trip worth while.

Some members with Gull badges, will also on request judge for you on your achievement badges should you wish to obtain or improve on your Slope Gulls. More info on the Slope Gulls can be found on the F3X web site or SAAMA's web site

We will spend the night at Oom Louis place at the very reasonable rate of +/- R65 for B&B. The highlight of the trip will be Sat evening braai around the Boma fire where
you can be sure to hear some of the best fishing story of how the big ones got away (or is it gliding stories of that thermal that eluded you when you most needed it?), and some more Big Wheels on Boundary Road (Randburg) story that will tie your stomach mussels in knots.

If you are interested in this trip please email me at to confirm that you want to come along.

and happy landings,
Piet R
Chairman BERG.2006

Sunset at Volksrust and some smooth valley release lift form 4 to 6 pm in the afternoon, makes you come back for more. James Shaw enjoying the last flight of the day on the last trip to Volksrust.

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