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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey when you get to my age, you think no one can teach you anything, or maybe I am now of the opinion that they cant all be wrong, so were is this going. I really never thought a piece of polystyrene and some parcel tape , some correx and some colour could be so much fun.
I bent to peer group pressure and built a ZAGI as per the instructions.
On our recent trip to the slope I asked Evan to look it over he briefly checked it out and to my surprise launched straight off the slope, it flew just like that, serious, S e r i o u s.
The Zagi can be set up from mild to wild ,but do need a bit of a blow to remain aloft, as the B.E.R.G. club tries to attract more members, to the slope facet of gliding, this is the plane to consider.The Zagi is cheap easy to build can crash up to 100 times and still fly.
My son who is only just getting started flew contineously for 15 minutes unaidded.
Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks, or a new dog an old trick.


ps I still dont think they look right

Yours in gliding

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