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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Frost Bite Sloping -Brrrrrr!!!!!

Yesterday Charl and I snuck out for a little Slope flying. Charl had seen a south facing slope he wanted to try. What look promising on Google Earth turned out to be 4x4 country and very rocky. So we could not get to the better looking slope we would have liked to, but the smaller slope we did get access to had a good shape and the lift was good. There is no landing space for anything other than a Foamie and even that is likely to make a dent in the covering. Next outing we will go with a 4x4 vehicle and see if the bigger slope perhaps has better landing facilities.
The one nice feature at the slope we flew is a small escape landing plateau just below the launch point before the main drop off.

But anyway we had an hour or two of some pleasant flying in the freezing cold wind.
It's amazing what we do for fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, You oks must go see a docter! You have a bad case of Solpeahitus.