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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Excellent weekend weather greets new BERG member.

This Sunday we had the most fantastic weather that one could wish for with thermals that even a beginner could catch. My first flight was 45 minutes endurance. This was perfect for BERG's newest member who has just joined the club. Welcome Herman. He has many years of free flight experience and the pictures below show him towing his A2 glider (50 meter two line) and on all 3 flights that he had the glider was saved from flying away out of sight by his de-thermal device. After showing us all how free flight works, Evan gave him some stick time on his Tsotsi and it wasn't long before he got the hang of how to interrupt free flight with radio control. As mentioned earlier the thermals were so good and everywhere and he had no problem staying up.
Some of the members enjoying a break in the flying proceedings.

Charl also popped in to show us the latest BERG gear he is organizing, a nice cap and fleece with the BERG logo embroidered on. The fleece will be selling at R200.00 each and the cap at R50.00. If you want please do the deposit into the BERG account and contact Charl with your requirements. He will need to know what size jacket to order for you and quantities and if you want a cap. Evan is wearing an XL and it fits him nicely. Very good quality as well. (That's the fleece i'm talking about!) Exactly what we all need for these chilly winter days.

For more details you can contact me (Piet) at email me

My Gentle Old Lady is nearly complete, only elevator and re installment of RC equipment to do.

More when it is done!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Pretty nice rebuild of the gentle lady, I like the cap it has the right attitude.
Cheers for now.