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Monday, August 18, 2008

Mystery Modeller

Sunday dawned cold, overcast and windy as a front swept across Johannesburg. The slope behind were I live works in an easterly , and the easterly was blowing, for the first time in many months, so I thought I might give it a try with a battered old Zaggi.

At about 11.00 I looked toward the ridge and noticed someone standing on the skyline, he then launched a glider, which looked like a Zaggi and had no problem flying it in the lift.

I decided to join this unknown, kindred spirit for some flying, he had obviousely also worked out that the wind was right.

We quickly grapped our stuff , climbed a fence and started our hike to the top, when we got there the mytery modeller had vanished?.

Anyway hereunder some cellphone-pics, not great but they will suffice.

BTW I then joking told my son I would land in our garden, some sort of mental self challenge, and so started the hike back down over really rugged sliperry terrain, while flying, which becomes more difficult the lower you go. Its a whole new ball game flying the top of a ridge, from the bottom.

The landing area on top is somewhat challenging
The final landing was in an open area 50 mtrs from my front gate, I am not sure how many landing points one gets?

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