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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Rude awakening (Sunday Morning)

With the predicted rain and cloudy weather for the weekend it was a good idea to sleep in on Sunday morning knowing that the flying field with all the rain would turn into an instant mud bath, then sound asleep around about 3am all hell broke lose.

The crashing sound was made worse by the absolute silence before. By now every one in the house was awake, rushing to the front door frantically unlocking the security doors to see what happened. At first it sounded like a bombing attack. Outside the street was quiet, then voice’s from next door. I ran across the garden and glance over the wall to see the crumbled and squashed 1- ton Nissan bakkie, 3 meters short of penetrating the my boundary wall and nearly landing I my swimming pool. The driver manage to escape with only a few scratches. After he was taken and released form the nearby Olivedale clinic, he promptly ran away.

The Stop Street ( T junction ) was not observed and he never attempted to brake as there were no skid marks and hit the curb opposite the stop street at such a speed that the bakkie became air born for 5 meters and then hit the perimeter wall and gate of my next door neighbor, one piece of wall about 50kg to 80 kg were fling through the air, hit the bottom two slats of the pre-cast wall and landed about 20 meters away from the bakkie.

I took the pictures of the damage at the first break of dawn.

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