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Sunday, August 16, 2009

E-Tsotsi Mk2 maiden flight

Saturday, August the 15th happened to be one of those cloudless winter day's with very light and variable winds (coming from the SSW) and more of a hassle for the winch pilots, but for me and myE-Tsotsi I could not asked for a better day to fly it's maiden flights.

(photo on the right) Piet and the E-Tsotsi -Mk2

After finishing the radio installation an charging the Tx and flight pack lipo batteries, I arrived at the BERG field at around 2 PM. Zimmy, Wolfgang and Boris were already unpacked and enjoying the fair weather.

I don't know who was the glades to great each
other but Zimmy said that he already had the Mafia lined up to come and get me out of my
winter bunker after no flying for the last 3 months or so.

Unfortunately I got bogged down with work and to the boot my left eye acquired a moving black dot that meant that I have to compensate for two Tsosi's while flying. Anyway I assembled the Tsotsi and with the folding prop held close with a rubber band, hand launched it straight into the slight breeze for its first trim glide.

(photo on the right) Wolfgang and Trevor discussing the big Thermal( fish?) that got away!!

True to the Tsotsi tradition it went straight as a die but nosed up a bit and required some down elevator to compensate for this.

I programed in a few clicks down trim, remove rubber band over the prop, opened the throttle stick to 2/3 full throttle and again launched the E-Tsotsi into the breeze and it effortlessly climbed away for its first flight. at about 3 times winch height I cut the motor and had to add a few more clicks of down trim in. The extra wight did not make much difference and it stay up in the very light lift conditions with no problem and the maiden flight lasted for 32 min. (I had to restart the motor a few times) and on recharging the lipo's I used 1340 mah of the 2100 mah battery capacity.

While recharging the flight pack had a chat to Trevor, Wolfgang, Stefan and Boris and not to forget Zimmy. Zimmy and Boris flew a ARF EPP foam DG 1000 electric gliders with unique retractable brush less motor system. the lipo batteries might be on the light side but on a good thermal day they will be more than adequate. It will also be ideal on the slope when the conditions are light.

Now you see me

and now you don't

Zimm and Boris with the EPP electric DG1000

Stefan converted his Tx to 2.4 Gh and look happy with his conversion reporting solid operation a fair distance.

(Below) Stefan (having fun with DHG glider)

(Above) Trevor hunting the Thermals after a winch launch

My second flight with my E-Tsotsi mk2 lasted 1hour 3min 45 sec in almost perfect late afternoon weather and on arriving home recharge the flight liop pack to 1649 mah.

E-Tsotsi mk2 recharging.

I know it's not always the case that a maiden flight works out well but there is not much that can beat the feeling when it do and even more so when you clock 1hour and 35min in your first two flights.

1 comment:

Michel said...

Hey Peet,
Nice article and nice to have you back on the field, Sunday I had a good flight with the 4,5m ASW 26, reached 395m confirmed by the variometer!!!