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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make my Day !!!

Hi all,

As you all maybe aware of is that it is Tuesday the 13th today , all day but at least not as bad as Friday the 13th ,that is if you superstitious about the 13th , actually good things can happen on the 13th.

Sometimes things happen and afterwards and when you think back you know that you did not plan it that way.

Well what happened this morning with me was definitely not planed at all. As I was about to leave my home for work my attention was drawn to the hedge next to our gate. The sudden movement of wings came from a Grey Lorrie that was having a meal on the ripe berries. I always carry my camera with me and with the morning light and the red berries the Lorrie would make for a good picture.

I had my camera out in no time switched on, zoomed in and focused but just as I pressed the shutter button to take the picture nothing happened. I quick look at the display showed “Memory card Full”.

Needles to say I uttered some not so descent words and franticly start to delete as many bad pictures as I can to make space for “The Shot of the day”. This took about 30 seconds and when I got back to taking the picture, the Lorrie was not on the hedge any more but in the tree just above.

I uttered some more not so decent words and strolled head down to open the gate in frustration took a picture of the Lorrie in the tree as a consolation prize.

The next moment as I was about to open the gate, still with my camera in hand, I heard the familiar sound of twin aero engines droning away. As I looked in the direction of the approaching plane I could not believe my eyes, the sound was that of my favourite plane a Rockwell Aero commander.

The last time I saw an Aero commander fly was at a Air show (Lanceria) when Bob Hoover were flying it in a aerobatic display. Next thing I realized that I still had my camera in my hands and Immediacy took as many pictures I could. This time the Camera work with me and

I got some reasonable shots that I am posting her with the Lorrie that starred the events. As for the Grey Lorrie shot that I didn’t get I don’t mind but I am really happy to get the pictures of the Aero Commander (I don’t think their are very many in flying condition out there any more)
So of to work I go with smile a mile wide no matter what happens today on this really made my Day!!!

You can get more Pictures of this Aero Commander on , just follow the link below

1 comment:

Evan Shaw said...

Very nice Piet. Congrats! Now all you have to do is change the colours on your scale model and Viola! Maybe you should also consider installing some electric motors and landing gear and you can have even more fun with it!