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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

HTL 2006 Results -Team BERG bag 2 out of 3 Class wins

After the rain washed out HTL #6 (Vaal triathlon) we had to
wait and see how the postal results would impact on the final
outcome, and it certainly did have a few surprises in stock for

As usual the open class were fiercely contested, but here our
top pilots Craig and Michelle Goodrum(from the MMS club)
showed us the way. In the other 2 classes namely the 2 Meter
and RES100 the BERG Team and the home brew Tsotsi's
dominated the scene.

We hope to see more pilots in the RES100 class next year as
there were not much competition in this class.

I would like to thank every one at BERG for there efforts that
they have put in to achieveing this results, and here a must single
out Evan as he gave us the Tsotsi design glider(and also help
build them) that can most of time's hold it's own even against
bigger and more efficient 3 meter ships.

The Results as for BERG was as follows:

Open class:

Place------------- Pilot-------------- Plane--------------------Score

6----------------- P. Rheeders------Tsotsi 100"---------------4492
7 -----------------M. May-----------Pathfinder/Ellips---------4380
10----------------E. Shaw-----------Tostsi,Makulu,Songololo--3991

Club :
place 3rd overall
-------------------------------------- Score 4975

RES100 class:

Place ----------Pilot------------ Plane--------------------Score

1 -------------P. Rheeders -------Tsotsi 100" ------------4978
3 ------------ E. Shaw------------Tostsi------------------3352
5------------- P. Joffe------------Tostsi------------------2272


2 Meter class:

Place----------- Pilot------------- Plane--------------- Score

1----------------E. Shaw----------Tostsi----------------3870
5----------------P. Joffe----------Tostsi----------------2290
6----------------G. Prahm--------Spirit----------------2003

Here are some photos Evan took at the HTL#2 this year.

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