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Friday, November 24, 2006


Bond verticle fin on with sikadur epoxy try get it as verticle as possible using the centre line and wing seat as a referance, the wing seat can still be adjusted with filler to closely match the airfoil

The tail is now flared onto the fuselage and then sanded back to a smooth shape, at this point the sanding is all by hand with a sanding block, cool looking shark fin.

The basic fuselage shape will now be coated with z-poxy made by zap and a mixture of micro baloons and aerosil thickerner to about syrup consistancy, always wear gloves and clean up with acetone.

The epoxy soaks into the wood which can now be wet sanded with a 220 grit to a smooth finish,any small defects can also be filled again with the epoxy mix.

The finish is starting to take shape , the finely sanded blemish free plug will shortly be sprayed with a 2k gloss paint and when perfect, be ready for moulding. more next week.

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