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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spy Photos of the Stiletto Workshop

When one sees the fantastic models Mike is able to produce, it is even more amazing to see the workshop that these models come out of. There is hardly a workbench in site. The one table that is there is filled to overflowing with resins, scales, paint, cloth and all sorts of goodies. Most of the work is done on the floor and outside in the garden. The speed and tenacity with which Mike works is mind blowing! Producing a fully moulded model in 5 months is an achievement on its own. But what makes this even more remarkable is the fact that Mike produced the entire thing all on his own. Starting right from the conceptual drawings, then the plugs, then the moulds and finally the finished model . There was no fancy computer aided machining. It was all done by hand. In the face of disaster, he never gave up and simply put that behind him and started over. Most of us would have thrown in the towel and hit the Pub at that point, but not Mike! I take my hat of to you! Well done! You are an inspiration to us all and we now look forward with anticipation to your next project.

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