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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stiletto Ultra Extreme

Never a dull moment with Mike May. I paid him a visit today and found him hard at work on his latest project.
True to his philosophy of "Go Big or Go Home" GBOGH, Mike is busy preparing the ultimate Thermal Duration glider.
His belief in "Aspect Ratio" as the key to thermalling success can be seen in the Stiletto Ultra Extreme. All 7 meters of it and surprisingly light at just 3,5 kg
He will be flying it in the HTL at Midrand on Sunday.
The BERG team asks that the organisers please make special arrangements for an extra wide launch corridor for this monster.
Good luck Mike! GEBOGH "Go EXTRA Big or Go Home"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for letting Wit Willem De Kat out of the bag. Now I can bring my EXTRA, EXTRA wide angle lens to capture those LOOOOONG Wings On Sunday.

I hope the tail plane area can cope.

Flash Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Evan,
Why did you post this I asked you not to. I was hoping to surprise eveyone on sunday , pity.
Having launched the 8kg Ventus quite easily on my winch I dont forsee any problems as this glider is much lighter, It goes without saying ... no zoom .The concept here is to have a glide ratio of about 50 to 1 and still air times,of 6 to 8 minutes from launch height.
I like pushing the envelope, so lets see how it goes, I need to fit the 6 x wing servos and program
and its done.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy for real?
This glider will not winch launch
the flex will cause a tip to stall.
What type of joiners did he use?
Please post pictures if it flies
In our country we are not allowed to fly such big gliders, because we are near to villages and buildings.
Best wishes from Steve K

John said...

It's called "catching everyone a juicy shot".