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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sundays happenings at BERG

A day in the life at BERG!

Mark de Klerk with his baby's, all pink and white!
Charl with Piet's old Aquila, all decked out in brand new white, day-glow orange and black!
Doesn't she look lovely now?
Jason Edwards. Our brand new DAD at BERG. Congratulation Jason on the birth of your daughter Clowie!
And now for the big event of the day! Mike brought his Ventus to try some thermal flying from the flat field!
Video camera being attached!
Camera attached and ready for action!
Final tweaking!
Evan attaching the tow line.
ROG launch of the Ventus. Away she goes!

A rare sight at the field these days! Charl getting in some thermal time!

Piet about to launch Charl's Aquila!

Peter Joffe!
Mark de Klerk about to launch with Piet at the controls,and then getting it all trimmed out and flying nicely!
Evan launching his new Emoyeni!

Our new DAD Jason enjoying some stick time with his electric!

Mike May's GBOGH stable. The Stiletto and Ventus.
What missing? Piet sent me the photos and I've attached the captions, but what we really need is Piet's story telling ability to juice it up a little. Don't you think so! Post your comments!
PS. I have also attached a few new links to the BLOG (Top right of this page). Links to both the SA chat groups MGASA, SARFLY and a link to the RC Soaring Digest. A web based RC magazine. I'm told that next months issue might feature the Black Eagle Slope weekend. The last issue has a photo on the back page of Lionel Brink and one of the Aussie towing for David Hobby at the recent F3J World championships!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A good days flying , all round big time learning curve, the film footage from the air on flight three was excellent, pity about the rough landing on flight no 4 , I went home and started putting the new Ventus CX Together for our next Volksrust outing.
Regards MIKE M