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Thursday, June 07, 2007

BERG blog Hit Counter register 4000

Almost unnoticed by the BERG blog team consisting of Mike May, Evan Shaw, Charl Veviers and myself, the BERG blog hit counter step over the 4000 home page hits a few day’s ago.

This figure represents an average hit count of 400 over the last 10 months
and once again proved to us how useful and popular this tool has become.

I am not sure what attracts our visitors most but I presume that the construction articles by Mike and Evan must be on top of the popularity chart and then also the fact that we try and keep the BERG blog update at least once a week.

As a comparison to the SAMAA official Blog, they have attracted 17,287 hits over 27 months to average 640 Home page hits per month the BERG Blog’s 400 Home page hits is doing well. To Mike, Evan and Charl, thanks for your support and keep up the good work.

It will now be interesting to see if we can get to the 5000 hits mark in our first year.


Anonymous said...

Well seeing there is only old farts with their toys on this site it is proof of the number of nutcases you can attract to a website.


Cheers en veelsgeluk!


Anonymous said...

Dankie Gert,
Waneer gaan ons weer Voksrust toe,
en hoekom sien ons jou nie meer by die HTL comps nie? Hoe waai die wind in die winter op Volksrust? Ek kan nie vir Evan vra nie want hy moet somer raai.


Anonymous said...

We at BERG aim to keep our blog interesting and entertaining, however we have no idea as to what makes it popular , comments only give small clues , so if you post a comment ,say what you like and we will continue.
We are sure that some of our overseas visitors also enjoy our blog as they return, Singapore, Melbourne Aus , Mauritius are a few that come to mind.
I think its an excellent way to promote model RC gliding.

Regards Mike M

Anonymous said...

You must not forget me. I love the BERG blog I come every monday to look what is happening.
Tony. Your sailplane is looking very nice. What is this name Shonglolol mean
You buddy
Steve K form Croatia

Anonymous said...

dont ever forget Steve K he started visiting our blog around the time of the big April fools day set up and has been a regular ever since.