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Monday, June 04, 2007

HTL - BERG Thermal Challenge

BERG hosted the 4th HTL on Sunday 3rd June. The competition was flown to a new set of rules, the BERG Thermal Challenge, developed to try and make the event more of a thermal comp with less emphasis on launching and landings. On the whole it was quite successful, with the relaxed landing system, which saved a lot of dorking. The 15 second launch window worked but did not really stop the mad rush in the beginning as was hoped, so this is an area that must be looked at for future events. Mark suggested a working time of 12 minutes and 15 seconds in which to record a 12 minute flight without any launch penalty! Comments welcome!

The winch line was well spread out with 29 entrants in 10 teams. The 27 finishes are testament that the rules did not put to much strain on ones plane. The thermal condition were quite tough, but there was still plenty of lift about if you could find it and there were plenty of maxes recorded. It seemed that all of the the strong thermals would develop low down upwind, drift across the field quickly and finally break away on the downwind side of the field and take the models high and far back. The weather gods smiled on us for Sunday and we must be very thankful for what turned out to be a lovely day in the end.

Our CD for the event was Charl who run a tight schedule which allowed the comp to end at a decent enough time so the fly-off could happen when there was still some lift about. Thank you Charl!
Thanks must also go to Lionel the scorer (above), and of course Marti (below) for providing us with plenty to eat and drink. Marti's tuck shop is beginning to become a regular feature at our events and is most appreciated and enjoyed by all.

The fly-off was contested by 7 pilots (below) who ended the event in the following order. 1st Paul, 2nd Izak, 3rd Conrad, 4th Craig, 5th Rodney, 6th Michelle, 7th Mark. Well done to all. The full results will be made available on the mgasa group.

The prize winners (above) from left to right, Lionel - Hard luck prize. (For a tree snatching his model from the air and then throwing it down onto the fence and destroying it.) Alan - 1st RES/100, Paul - 1st Open, Heinrich - 1st 2 Met, Peter Karner - Hard luck prize. (Breaking his Tsotsi on the first flight of the day.)

Below, Rodney and his timer Alan, provided us with some acrobatic Hop, Skip and Jumps on his landing in the fly-off. Quite a site to see the old man leaping into the air as his model passed under himself. Who said that we don't get any exercise when we fly?

The winner Paul with Lionel timing for him in the fly-off.A few more photos from the events.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! whish I could have been there.