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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well its 2008 and I am all built out... exhausted actually, last nights fireworks ,petrified our animals ,but at midnight I was dead asleep and did not hear a thing.

The DG 500 is complete ,hours of checking and programming the radio and control surfaces has been completed and even some minor structural changes have been made.

Its of to the slope where some experienced felow pilots will give it a thorough going over in case there are any safety issues that have been missed. If conditions allow it should fly in the next couple of days.

Its big , its heavy, its strong and really has been a monumental task lets hope it flys well.

To all my fellow R/C glider pilots from BERG and especially from all over South Africa and internationally I wish 2008 may be a special year for you, and may you soar to new heights.

ps I am certainly going to aim high.

Mike May


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