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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sungazer Fever

Looks like this event has drummed up extreme enthusiasm! Well done, Mike for giving scale a big push – this aspect of our hobby has never been given the attention it deserves and it’s long overdue.

So, time to dig deep into the workshop archives and get some of those old scale models flying again. I’m pulling my Schleicher K8B, which I built in the 1980’s, out of mothballs for the event. It was coated in a thick layer of dust and I see in need of some fairly serious restoration.

Canopy has gone brittle with age – have to make a new one. I remember the covering was a lousy batch of linen finish Coverite which I had to spray white. The fuselage still looks ok but the wings are now full of paint cracks and will have to completely recovered. Definitely going to fit ailerons and maybe spoilers while I’m at it. And that’s where my Simprop receiver and servos were! Check out the pushrods – no carbon fibre in those days! And if I have time, I may also change that stabilizer to a more scale size for slope flying.

In the photos above, just over twenty years ago, a perfect test flight landing. Then after the test flights a few nights putting all the scale decals and details on. And then went on to take third place in scale at the 1986 (I think?) Nationals at RMAC.

Oh, and while on my nostalgia trip looking through my old photos for the K8B action shot I came across some really interesting pics from the 80’s. A six pack of beers for the first one to put names to all the faces in the pics below:


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,
Very interesting posting and I must add that you really look fit and very athletic back then. Be careful not to give your age away other wise you will be labeled as a "Old Topie" like me.
Keep up the Good work.
PS. My canon also came out of mothballs’ do you think I can enter it in The Sungazer event.


Derek Marusich said...

Ya Piet, those were the days - when men were men and shorts were shorts.

But Piet, your canon worries me sick - I'm no expert but I'd have someone check down the barrel (and around the back end) before you try and fire it.


Piet Rheeders said...

I Think we can send Zimmy down, and then try to fire it.

Anonymous said...

Here are my guesses for the 6 pack:

Michelle Zimmerman
The Late Charles Rudnick
Paul Beatey
Frik Roos
Theo Wolters
A very young Derek Mausich
Noord Gerneke

I recognise the guy between Theo and Noord, but no name spring's to mind.

Is that maybe Normal Liepsig on the left of the group2 photo?

Derek Marusich said...

Mark - now your age is showing! And by the way, flattery isn't going to get you that six-pack.

Yes, that's Norman in the second photo. But I'm suspecting something peculiar with Zimmy - he isn't ageing - either Italians don't get old or he's an alien!

Anyway, you got them all except the guy between Nord and Theo. Clue: He has also passed on and was actually mentioned on this blog not too far back.

Good luck and regards

Anonymous said...

The late Rob Street? ;-)

Derek Marusich said...

Well done, Mark - what beer do you drink?

Anonymous said...

;-) My lucky day, Pisner Urquel or Stella are my favorites at the moment.

Do you think we should invest in some crucifixes and garlic necklaces to ward off the undead Zimmey who never ages?