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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With the Sungazer Scale Slope event only weeks away the preparation race is on the lovely shot above is not local , but typifies the late afternoon soaring one can experience at sunset when the "valley release " sometimes kicks in and you get to fly in "Champaigne Air"

The glider above will be at the Sungazer ...It's Russ from Durban out doing some test flights after a serious rebuild on his lovely ASW 24 .
Russ assures me it will now be finished with decals and a pilot.

Strange thing though ,he says it flies even better now that it has put on some weight , many larger gliders need a bit of weight to get them on the step , when slope soaring .Wing loadings on the large gliders can even reach 100 grams/dmsq, my big Dg500 Flies at 70 gr/dmsq but needs a bit of a blow (25-30kmh ) for launching to be safe.

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