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Monday, March 03, 2008

HTL #2 Groengoud

Sunday 2nd March HTL#2 at Groengoud. Perfect weather, perfect field, perfect everything. The weather conditions were extremely challenging, with a very light and variable wind giving everyone a fair chance. Thermals were rather weak considering the sweltering temperature and ground bubbles fairly small. This gave the little two meter models opportunity to compete very favourably with the bigger and more advanced F3J models and in some slots, gave them a really tough time.

Above, while awaiting the pilot's briefing (Lionel being handed his breakfast just before he was about to start talking) we were kept entertained by Craig Baker and his little electric pylon racer. Left, Martie again producing a great breakfast and lunch and kept us from dehydration through the scorching hot day. Right, our CD for the day, Marcel giving us his "Ja, just you try that one again, buster" look.

Chris Adrian
and his
Pike Perfect.

My little
Sagitta 600
on landing
with Evan
doing the

Left, Simon showing Volney the way and right, Herman and Stephen giving Jason some support.

Scores show the SGC guys flew the best with the MMS team second. BERG team third ETB not performing to their usual standards this round. The only casualty of the day was Peter Joffe who broke his open model on very hard landing and had to revert to his Tsotsi for the rest of the contest.
One of the local birds of prey showing keen interest in Stephen's model ...

... and we saw a bit of cool spot dancing by Stephen and Simon.

BERG team in
action: Piet
timing and Evan
coming in for
one of his
better spot
landings with
the Emoyeni.

The MMS team
about to get
Michelle's model
into the air.
Lionel launching,
Edmund, Evan
and I observing.

Lionel flying,
Wolfie timing
and spotting.

You can click
on Lionel
(or Wolfie
for low res
to link to Lionel's
article on the
day's events
and more

1 comment:

Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Derek,
Tanks for the report on HTL #2 at Groen Goud. Your layout and pictures are very well done. Don't tell Evan that you were using your Panasonic camera for those excellent pictures.