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Friday, January 12, 2007


The progress of the two new designs at the B.E.R.G. club is slowish but steady ,hereunder some more building methods.

After the recent photos posted I promised some photos of the tailplane and wing layups,

EMOYENE being vacumn bagged , breather cloth, white lays over the mylar skins in the bag.
Here the mylar sheets are being removed after vacumn bagging.

the EMOYENE is vacumn bagged glass and uni-directional carboncloth over pink foam, this layup is interesting as there is no spar and the rigidity comes from the skins.

EMOYENE mock up reveals a super looking thermal duration sailplane, sleek and elegant.

STILLETO tailplane.
Good preparation is everything, here you see ,yellow sprayed moulds, light weight glass cloth for the first layer always cut at 45 degress so the glass strands are diagonally across the wing ,this helps resist torsional twisting.The sandwich material (not shown) is 8gr per sheet .8mm balsa and finally the uni-directional cloth pre cut to the tailplane shape.

Tailplane joiners etc get bonded in at the correct places before joining the two halves.

After joining in the moulds with a bead of cotton flocks/micro balloons and resin to a runny paste,all is cured then the tailplane is released from the moulds and just needs some finishing off.

The STILLETO has a hollow moulded wing with a glass herex sandwich and also a layer of uni-directional carbon as well as conventional carbon tow spars, it feels very strong, but then again its a big wing at 3.7 mtr and high aspect ratio, both gliders have a root chord of 240 mm.

Here the wing centre panel is vacumn bagged in the mould , the dowel sticks wrapped with a breather fabric lie between the moulds and allow even vacumn throughout the sealed bag.

Check out more of the the latest photos soon, and please if you have any questions post them in the comment box at the end.

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Anonymous said...

That there Emoyene is one good looking sailplane!