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Sunday, January 21, 2007

F3B Team Practice at BERG

On Sunday the RSA F3B team had their first practice at the BERG flying field. Evan, myself and 6 other pilots participated in multiple speed runs using the stander FAI speed course of 150 meter.

Craig once again did a sub 16 sec speed run and it is really something special to see an F3B ship at full tilt. On average, excluding his one run of 20,2 secs, his times are 16.89 secs.
Michell is very consistent at around the 17,7 secs and Dion has the potential to get his times down into the late teens.

Evan (flying a Makulu at 2,3kg) and Mark (flying an Eish at 2,8kg) so nearly broke the 20 sec barrier, with 20,49 and 20.1 second runs respectively. I cheated a bit, making use of a thermal to gain extra height and did a 22,67 sec run flying my Ellipse. (I was too chicken to fly my new Makulu)

Peter Eagle did a scintillating16,52 sec run. Well done! By the amount of cuts, it is obvious he is really trying hard to get good times.

Even young Kurt had a go with his dads Eish and managed a 27,72 sec run.

The light breeze, although across the flight line, did not upset the heavy loaded F3B gliders at all and if anything rather helped the launching height.

Members of the BERG team helped to man Base B (here seen taking a moment of rest). Thanks to Gordon an Tony for your help at Base B.

Dion of the ETB club and member of the RSA F3B team winding
in the winch after a good practice session.

Another Hat trick from Mathew, this time he got hold of Evans hat.

Evan's Tsotsi Toy Toying. (That is if you don't want to do a speed run)

A warm welcome to new members Mark de Klerk an his son Michael.

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