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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More scale gliders

With the Sungazer comming up I decided to build a small scalish glider out of all the scrap foam lying around for my son.

Hope Glen in DBN sees this ,remember once you have the basics of composites its amazing what you can build.

My goal was to complete it in 10 working hours but with some difficulties on the wing this stretched to 16hrs. Anyway it looks ok , is strong enough for a beginner and should fly ok.

This glider is losely based on the ASK 18 and also looks a bit like the Ka6e but what the heck it looks more like a real glider of that era than a Zaggi. Hereunder is a photo of a real Ka6e.

The canopy? you ask, well I needed a new mouse for my Pc and I did not see mouse packaging I saw a glider canopy .......I know I need professional help.

1 comment:

Derek Marusich said...

Don't be worried Mike, you're quite normal. I've got a box full of various bubble shaped vacuum packaging material collected over many, many years - every one with a model in mind for wing tips or canopies. I just need some time to build the gliders for them.