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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sungazer 2008 Report & Pics - Sunday 13th April

Mist on the slope from the cosmos fieldsSunday morning started off overcast and misty. Before Oom Louis wonderful breakfast spread, Martie and I took a walk out into the fields. Cosmos was abundant and very pretty: above a shot of the south slope from the farm.

Mist on top of the slope
After breakfast everyone packed bags and models and headed up the slope to wait for the mist to clear. Some lesser type aircraft were periodically launched into the mist to test conditions and it wasn't long before the visibility was good enough to fly.

Unfortunately the wind was not quite strong enough for the heavier scale models but Chris demonstrated some really smooth and graceful flying in the light conditions.

Above, Chris flying, his landing approach and where the model came to rest after the slide! I'm not too sure of the model he was flying there, but he has a full set of moulds for this one and it is a very impressive flyer.
Ken and Chris working light lift on the south slope
ASH26V flypast

Above, the ASH26V of Ken Kearns and Chris's scale model cruising the slope in the light and misty conditions.

Left, Ken's ASH26V was very light: fibreglass fuselage and open structure wings. Ken again got the most airtime with his ASH26V and Slingsby models, often handing the transmitter over to other pilots while he either took a break or went off to prepare one of his other models for flying.

Below, Ken readying his ASH26V and posing with the Skylark.

Ken Kearns ASH26VKen Kearns Slingsby
Andries Videoshoot
Above, Ken flying, Andries taking videos of a close flyby. Below, Craig Baker getting ready to launch Johan Bruwer's ASW28 and Ken Kearns putting just a wee bit of electric power on for a safe single handed launch.

Craig ready to launch Johan Bruwer's ASW28Ken Kearns launching his Skylark

Below very cute sequence of young Jason Weber launching his model.

... and that's all for this year, folks. I bet everyone is already looking forward to Sungazer 2009, but now got to get back into the workshop to get some models prepared for the Nationals.

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