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Saturday, May 31, 2008

2008 Nationals ETB

Ok, guys - a little late with these - but better late than never. Finally here are some pictures and the BERG acheivements from the 2008 Nationals from the long weekend beginning of May at ETB.View of the field - Overcast, wet and windy for most of the weekend. Great turnout despite the weatherPiet Rheeders, Evan Shaw, Derek MarusichCollection of models behind the Gazebos - ground sheets used for protection from the rain

BERG was represeted by this happy bunch of modelling maniacs: Piet, Evan and I did us proud taking a fair portion of the prizes - with our Piet flying his mielie off to win the prestigious Victor Ludorum.

My Estrella just before first flight: far too much launch flap + far too much down elevator compensation = exciting launch and rough flightIan Lessam getting ready to launch his SupraEvan with his new Emoyeni

f3B Speed Base A: Peter Eagle flying. All the juniors - Ryan, Jason and Simon helping Evan with the timing.
The ETB field was in excellent condition, the organising committee did a fantastic job but unfortunately the weather just didn't co-operate. We Managed to get some reasonable flying in on the first day, got rained on a little on the second and third day and just had to give up on the last day.

Johan Bruwer in prep time - Volney and Gert looking on.Herman Webber getting switched on.

Windy weather resulted in very challenging conditions for the 2m, F5J and especially the F3K class models.

RES 100 flight lineIdentifying Piet's Elipse for the distance taskF3B scenes: always good fun for serious and not so serious competitors - even had some F3J models having a go.Midrand team in action doing a quick line change
Dion Liebenberg - Speed KingLeft, as big a smile as you'll ever get from this guy: Dion with his Crossfire after his blistering 15.9 second speed run. Below, me launching Estrella.

Launching the Estrella - now with all throws adjusted and trimmed - very responsive and fast!
F3K entrants left to right: Lionel Smith, Stephane Duponsel, Mark Stockton, Peter Eagle, Craig Goodrum, Rudi King, Conrad Klintworth and Alan SmithBackground: F3K models hovering in the stiff breeze. Top inset: Alan Smith catching. Lower left inset: Stephane Duponsel it his Obsession and lower right inset: Lionel and Stephane waiting for last man to landA really soggy ETB settingDay four dawned and contestants arrived at a really soggy field. Michelle set up a winch to test the conditions. Her model zoomed into cloud cover! We found a dryish patch of grass upfield to complete F3K and called off the rest of the contest.Well at least someone was enjoying themselves!?!

Prizegiving: Evan got a certificate for F3B CD, Alan Smith F3K champ and I managed third place in 2 meter.
Evan Shaw - F3B CDAlan Smith - F3K ChampionDerek Marusich - 3rd 2M

Piet getting his prizes

And on the left, our club superduperhero, Piet Rheeders: Winner of the prestigious Victor Ludorum trophy:

1st place RES100
2nd place F5J
4th place 2M
10th place F3B
12th place Open Thermal

Got to get you into F3K, Piet.

And sorry Piet, just not enough blog space left to show you receiving all your prizes so I've had to overlay all your pictures :-)

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Piet Rheeders said...

Nice post Derek,once I am in F3k and on a srick diet you will be able to post me side by side (ie. in 2020)