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Monday, May 05, 2008

Slope trip to try again.

Peter and I returned to Volksrust to try again with our big birds, both flights went off textbook, Peters Astir at 9kg is very slow and gracefull, it uses the SD7037 Airfoil and flies like its on rails according to Peter, he flew for about 30 mins and then landed.

I was next up with the Ventus but she needed a lot of up trim and after a smooth initial flight, it was decided to adjust the tailplane incedance and try again , the second flight altough better still not excactly right, but with fading light we decided to quit while ahead. This glider sports a HQ3/12 foil and weighs in at 7.8KG A.U.W. But seems to fly a little faster.

After a disappointing Sungazer we both needed to cross this hurdle and have done so, Peter is now looking forward to more big glider flying and completing his ASW going back.

cheers for now


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