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Monday, May 19, 2008

Emoyeni #3 takes to the Sky.

After a busy few weeks before the Nats , I eventually got some time in to finish my 3.4meter Emoyeni.

(Glen from Durban will be glad to hear this, as I can move on to the next project that involves making a mold), but yesterday (Sunday 18 May) I maiden the Emoyeni , and it is just amazing how easy and true this composite gliders flies.

Other than a ground range problem (resolved by removing the Rx aerial to the outside of the fuse), 15g nose weight and some adjustment to the elevator compensation on the full crow -setting , every flight that I few went well. I have to say that I still have to learn a lot about and getting use to the handling of the glider and lots of fiddling with trim, tow hook and CG settings will follow.

However first prize is to go home after your maiden flights with the plane still in one piece.

Later on Evan came around with his new 3.7 meter Emoyeni and we flew a few flights together.

For our overseas visitors the name Emoyeni, translated from Zulu to English means “Upon the wind”.
The name of the Glider was inspired by the Black Eagles which visit our club from time to time. They nest on the nearby ridge and can often be seen thermalling overhead. The females name is Emoyeni. Check them out at this link to the Black Eagle Project at Roodekrans

The real Emoyeni

EMOYENI"UPON THE WIND"The grand old lady is probably 35-40 years old and is loved by many who have followed her life cycles with passionate interest.The first sightings of Emoyeni were in the early 1970's with her first mate, unfortunately we do not know anything about him. Quatele was her second mate and she scoured the ridges searching for him when he disappeared in 1998. Patiently taught her third mate Thulane everything she knows, tolerating his initial shortcomings, but now appreciating his newfound expertise. Many a lesson could be learn't from this wondrous lady.
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Anonymous said...

Ag nee man. Jy stel my teleur. Nou gaan jy vir Evan in Open ook nog wen.

Hy lyk baie mooi. Hoop hy vlieg soos jou Tshotsies.


Derek Marusich said...

Nice one Piet - wish you all the best with it.