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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Stay back it might bite....

Not to be left out of the PSS craze here is my secret project. (Now no longer a secret)
It has taken me 9 days to build to this stage, using the lost foam method for the fuselage, the wings and tailfeathers are balsa sheeting bagged onto foam and then glassed with 104gr to finish
off. The jet motors are made out of glass carbon around 2 x 2ltr spite bottles sponsered by Charl.
The paint is base coat colour and final coat 2k clear matt, which for some unknown reason has stayed glossy.
I look forward to seeing it in the sky over Volksrust , with a plethora of other warbirds and of course a lone Aero commander struggling to keep up.


Izak Theron said...

Looks good Mike. What does this beast weigh?


Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Mike,

This is not on, my Aero Commander has got no teeth to bite back!!
How much dose it weigh?