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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slope Commander - Part 9

Got a lot done today and with Mark De Klerk helping me things just went much smoother
and faster. Thanks Mark. I have completed the in flight engine cowlings as well as the fuselage bolt beams that will hold the wing down.
The wing will held down by two 6mm bolts in front of the wing and two 5mm bolts in the back.

The corresponding holes and 13mm dowels were align and fitted in the wing, and wing balsa block tips glued on (still to be sanded and rounded of)

Still have to cutout and hinge the Ailerons, flaps and elevators surfaces but like I mention in the previous build that I am running still slightly behind schedule but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I plucked the courage to weigh all the parts constructed so far the
Wing =1.2kg (this is on the heave side but still this is a big wing 2.4Meter span and
350mm root 150mm tip)
Rudder and Stab = 250 grams.
Fuse = (1Kg with no foam remove yet, painted and finished -this surprise me)
All up weight with out equipment and nose ballast = 2.5 kg.
Add another say 700gr for RC equipment and ballast and I am looking at +/- 3.2 Kg
all up weight. I don’t think this is to heavy but it will require a good wind on Volkies
to be on the safe side for the maiden flight.

Two weeks and two days to go- time to move into top gear. More on the Slope Commander in Part 10.


Anonymous said...

Hi Piet ,
Its looking great, lets hope the wind is strong .

Izak Theron said...

Hi Piet

It's going to fly a little lopsided with only one motor.... ;o)

Looking really nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Piet,

Hmmm. Not so sure it's gonna fly if Mark helped you with it!!

His wife!