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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slope Aero Commander -PSS Part 3

(Click on the picture to make it lager )

The famous Rockwell Aero Commander that Bob Hoover flew for at more than 2500 Air shows and demonstrations. Now have a proud home under the wing of the just as famous
Concord the Smithsonian national Air and Space Museum. Bob donated this his personal Aero Commander to the museum after he lost his flying license at the age of 73.

Last night I started plotting out the wing sections that I want to use on the Slope Aero Commander. I prefer the plotter over a laser printer because I found in the past that some laser printers do not scale the dimensions inputted correctly. According to Hp the plotter can plot accurately up to 1/1000 of a inch. Any way, no way's one can cut the resulting template that accurately.

I plot all the Templates twice as to make intend to use them in my automatic foam cutter.

These paper templates once cut out will now be transfer onto Formica and cut to shape( see the picture below).Once all the templates are complete I will start cutting the tail, rudder and wing Foam cores.

I have no stock of Polyester foam but will order some shortly. In the meantime I still have to spray paint the Fuse. Some times you need the wind and sometimes not.

More on this build in Part 4.

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