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Friday, February 13, 2009

Rudolf's latest aviation project

Extracted from mgasa chat group:

Rudolf posted:-

My latest aviation project.

Comes with a onboard flight computer, navigation system and homing beacon.When it gets launched it always returns in the evening. Sometimes only the next evening.Flies well indoors and outdoor but better suited for outdoors.

Not a very good glide ratio but does good in fast turns.My wife loves it and gets more time with it than me.(It only has got eyes for her.)

She says its cute!!!

Izak Asked:-

Mode 1 or mode 2..... ?

Winch launch or chuckie...?

Bet that Model Aircraft design book in the pic was useless in the design of this complex project..... ;o)

Rudolf replied:-

No mode required. (Autopilot) Chuckie.

Aerodynamics is a big problem.Loads of down wash in hover mode and it keeps loosing tail feathers. At least when it flies out of range it returns.

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