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Sunday, April 15, 2007

F3J Qualifier #1 BERG

The F3J Qualifier # 1 took place at BERG on Saturday 14th April.

The day started off with low cloud and a bit chilly, but by the time we got started the mist had burned off and the thermals were starting to develop. There were plenty of thermals for the most part of the day and the flying was generally good, but at around 14h30 the thermals started becoming and fewer and smaller, which made for some challenging flying, with lots of scratching from low level and some great saves by many pilots getting away from tree top height to record maxes. There were a few out landings quite far from the field when the thermal that was being worked suddenly petered out and to pilot could not get the model back to the field. Such was the nature of the thermals. Sometimes they developed and you could get away and other times not. On the whole a very enjoyable day!

BERG was represented by Piet and Evan with Hugh and Derek joining them to make up a team.

Results below (For a round by round breakdown of score, visit the F3J Blog at the link on the right of this page)

1. Craig Goodrum 5,000 (100 %)

2. Paul Carnall 4,973 ( 99.5)

3. Conrad Klintworth 4,953 ( 99.1) Jnr

4. Chris Adrian 4,950 ( 99.0)

5. Michelle Goodrum 4,933 ( 98.7)

6. Mark Stockton 4,834 ( 96.7)

7. Hugh Edmonds 4,824 ( 96.5)

8. Rodney Goodrum 4,810 ( 96.2)

9. Derek Marusich 4,592 ( 91.9)

10. Izak Theron 4,557 ( 91.2)


11. Simon Tladi 4,541 ( 90.8) Jnr

12. Dion Liebenberg 4,409 ( 88.2)

13. Joe Coetzer 4,377 ( 87.6)

14. Kurt Stockton 4,375 ( 87.5) Jnr

15. Volney Klintworth 4,283 ( 85.7)

16. Ian Lessem 3,922 ( 78.5)

17. Evan Shaw 3,801 ( 76.0)

18. Piet Rheeders 3,526 ( 70.5)

19. Lionel Brink 3,273 ( 65.5)

20. Jurgen Hartig 3,118 ( 62.4)

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