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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some new projects happening at BERG

If you thought things have been a little quiet of late, you are mistaken.

As you all know Mike is always busy with something and here is is with his new RES/100 Model that he has put together for his assault on the NATS. It is an old 3 meter wing on a Pathfinder fuselage. From what I have seen it flies quite well, but needs a bit more tweaking before it will be perfect.

Young Blake (Pictured) and his brother Russel are having a ball with their tiny RC electric models. Very tough EPP twin motor planes that use the motors for vector control.

Charl was out at the field again with his Aquila looking splendid in it's new colour scheme.

Charl has also started work on his third scale K4. The span will be 4 meters. These are the bulkheads cut out and ready to glue to the foam blocks. How about that for size? Talk about GBOGH!!!! The fuselage will be about 400mm high and 200 mm wide. More about the construction method later.

This is the battery pack for the K4. Who needs nose weight with that monster.

Charl is joint owner of a full size K4 which flies out of Orient so this will be a very interesting project to watch.

I don't have any photos of the full size glider, but in the mean time here is a three view of how it looks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
What is meant by the term "FLIES QUITE WELL" with regard to Mike's RES 100 glider.
just asking.
Steve K and aunty K

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

You almost make me to cry for you alwas make new planes that have pritty colors but can not fly. This
one is so smale and the wing is to flat. I hope you have big thermalas in Africa De Zuid because this one will not turn.

Your Buddy Steve K in

Anonymous said...

Quite well means it does not fly very well. Maybe it is the pilot and not the model!