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Monday, April 02, 2007

HTL #3 at MMS (On April Fool's Day)

The MMS leg of the HTL was held on Sunday the 1st April in perfect thermal conditions. The results speak for themselves with many maxes the order of the day. The format was 6 rounds of an hour each in which to record a 12 minute flight per round. The landing bonus circle was divided in 20cm rings at 2 point per ring from 100 in the centre down to zero after 10 meters. The flying part was very easy but the landing were difficult, especially on the rock hard, burned MMS field. On the whole a very enjoyable day with plenty of sunshine and laughter. Not least of all, Mike's antics with his April Fool con of the 7 meter Stiletto.
Evan's Makulu coming in for a landing

The MMS Teams

An Experience Pro from the ETB team.

Evan trying to unstick his elevator after getting cyno in the pivot

Mike about to launch his Stiletto (What only 3,8 meters???)

The BERG pits.

Some statistics from the Open class:

Just to illustrate how good the lift was, of the top seven pilots, only 99 seconds were lost out of a possible 25200 seconds that could be flown. This relates to 99.6071%.
Paul Carnal the winner only lost 9 seconds of his possible 3600.
So the event really turned into a landing competition for the top pilots and those that were prepared to dork their models to get close to the spot were the winners.
Another bit of useless information. There were only 9 flights out of 85 that did not get close to the maximum of 12 minutes. This is excluding the one throw away that each pilot was allowed of his 6 flights.
All but two pilots had at least one bad round with the majority in the 6th round when the lift was not good for the first 45 minutes of the hour. Craig (one of those that got all 6 maxes) hung in there until the end and managed to record a 12,01 in the dying minutes of the round. Isak was the other pilot who managed 6 maxes. I watched him scratch the last round to recorded 12,12 seconds and he did that in the early part of the round, so there was some lift to be found, all be it light and patchy.

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