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Monday, November 19, 2007

Bird Strike at BERG

On Sunday afternoon the conditions at BERG were very thermic with lots and lots of Swallows about. I was sitting under the shade watching Wolfgang launch. A few seconds after he launched I saw something fall to the ground about 5 meters in front of the winch. My first reaction was that something had fallen off his plane. But what we found was an European Swallow lying on the ground. Obviously it had been hit by the model during the launch. It was still breathing and at first I thought that it was just stunned, but unfortunately it died a few minutes later.
These little birds are so fragile yet incredibly tough. They migrate all the way form Europe. Make that perilous journey and then sadly get struck by a model glider. All that space and still this happens. What a shame!

Michel Zimmerman soon crafted a little cross and we dug a grave and buried the poor little creature. May it rest in peace!

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