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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Juvenile Black Eagle of Roodekrans gets Named.

The parents Thulane and Emoyeni at Roodekrans, Krugersdorp.

Article reproduce with the kind permission form the Editor of the Roodepoort Record. (Published on 9th Nov 2007)

What’s in a Name?

The eagle Chick has received celebrity status, with hundreds participating in her naming.

Poortview- Roodepoort

The young black eagle chick became an instant celebrity when the community was asked to help name her recently.

Hundreds answered the call, with some weird, some thoughtful and other interesting names put forward.

Suggested names included Lady Shadow. Ebony, Grace, and Blacky, among others.
The more interesting included Lindokuhle (expecting the best), Kusasa (tomorrow), Mfazi (woman), Aisha (Swahili, meaning she is life) and Skygle (a combination of sky and eagle).

The winning name, however, was Makhaza, which means severe cold.
This name has particular significance to the conditions the chick was subjected to in her early days.

Makhaza survived the bitter winter colds, which saw temperatures plummet to minus zero.

This goes to show that the public is keenly aware of the history and importance of the black eagle chick.

This special animal took its first flight on 20 August this year.
Unfortunately, however, zoologist says Makaza is bound to leave the nest soon as all adolescent eagles do.

There is a concern that the breeding pair (Thulane and Emoyeni) will also eventually vacate the area as a result of encroaching urban developments.

This, combined with a increasing competition for food , have caused concern as to whether the eagles will stay nested in the gardens. Having made this pristine area their home for many years, many concerned parties will be saddened by their departure.

Newly named Makhaza took her first flight several months ago.

Note From the BERG team.

The Black Eagle's of Roodekrans are very special to us, as right from the beginning of our clubs existence they used to fly in thermals with us. Although these occasion are very rare now, it really makes your Sunday, if you are up in a thermal circling with them. Our Clubs original name was Black Eagle Radio Gliders. (we changed it to Bartlet Eggs Radio Gliders when we moved to our current location). So it is no wonder we made them BERG members for life right from the word go.

Zagi and a Black Eagle soaring together on Volksrust Slope.

Evan has named his own design F3J ship after the female black eagle “Emoyeni


The grand old lady is probably 35-40 years old and is loved by many who have followed her life cycles with passionate interest.The first sightings of Emoyeni were in the early 1970's with her first mate, unfortunately we do not know anything about him. Quatele was her second mate and she scoured the ridges searching for him when he disappeared in 1998. Patiently taught her third mate Thulane everything she knows, tolerating his initial shortcomings, but now appreciating his newfound expertise. Many a lesson could be learn't from this wondrous lady.

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