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Friday, November 09, 2007


The jart build is going on at the same time as the DG500 but often I will mix epoxy and do work on both planes. The secret of project managing these builds is to be constantly working on them even if it is only a small component at a time .

The wing joiner halves have now been bonded together and will receive final finishing, the joiner weighs 960 grams and my 80kg body weight can easily be surported on it with no hint of a flex
its brute strong .
The fuselage has been reinforced in the canopy area with carbon tows and a layer of 200gr hybrid kevlar/carbon cloth.

The lip which locates the canopy is first build in with soft balsa which is later sanded out , once the glass/carbon lip is built up on the inside of the wood. The canopy will be finally possitioned on the lip by making a mix of resin and flox and with the inside of the canopy
taped and waxed , pressed on to make a perfect seal.
The rudder and tailplane are next and will be bagged foam construction.

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