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Friday, December 14, 2007

DG 500 part no 8

The heading should read "Stoned on foam fumes" really its smokey in my Skunkworks and I am not sure about its effect on your health but it has all gone rather well with the foam cutting.

The panels have all been cut to 570mm sections because the foam has a width of 600mm but the lap joint needs to go.

End result unless I cut the sheets lengthways is a new trimmed wing span of a mere 7040mm
which honestly looks about right for the DG500. The mock up with the ventus wings was only to get some ideas.

The new specifications are as follows
Wingspan excluding winglets 7040mm
Area 205.20 dm sq
Loading 56.04 gr per dm sq
aspect ratio 22.8 to 1
estimated AUW 11.5kg
M.A.C. 313.65

This photo indicates how far into the span the shear web goes.
Currently , the panels are being glued together and will then be sanded smooth, next step is to slice a piece out and test fit the shear and joiner box( the dihedral that can be built in and set up when this is glued )back together.
To keep everything in line between the left and right wings the joiner blade needs to be in both boxes.

The weight of the white foam and joiner box/shear web is 1.261kg per wing, resin and glass
will probably double that.

Once the basic wing is assembled,there needs to be a premade channel for installing the servo wiring this will be just behind the shear web.
Then the carbon tows (1x60k goes onto the leading edge) and then the carbon tows for the main spars once this is cured a quick sand and the surface skins can be bagged on.

It looks like the skin layup will be as follows from the outside in
104gr glass straight weave layed straight.
196gr carbon at 45 degress.
UD carbon gr? 2x layers 1.5 mtr out 1x layer to tip.
all wing epoxy is the Epolam 2022 system.
should be very strong .

Cheers for now.

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