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Monday, December 31, 2007

An Old Toppie and his three 20 year Old Gentle Ladies

Well the year 2007 has come and is just about gone. So I thought that it would be a fitting time to finish some not complete projects that I started this year. With the holidays on hand I managed to revamp my Gentle Lady and to complete my Hill Billy and also progressed with my Jart project.

The pictures (below) that I am posting were taken twenty years ago of a Carl Goldberg Electra(a modified Gentle Lady) and my two daughters Celeste and Lauren take with my film camera in 1987-1988 when Lauren was 2-3 years old and Celeste 4-5 years old.

The next picture was take yesterday the 30 Dec 2007(+/- 20 years later) with Celeste, now 25 and Lauren 23 and the same Gentle Lady (20 years old and now without electric motor).

Lauren (left) and Celeste( holding the tail) taken in 1988

Yesterday 30 Dec 2007 (Lauren, 23 on the left and Celeste, 25 on the right

Celeste holding the Electra - 1988

Celeste holding the now Gentle Lady -2007

Over the many years that I have flown her I had many a long flight and some of them more than and hour in duration, and yesterday after revamping her for third time and on my third flight for the day got in another 45 min flight. (Pictures below)

One doesn't see many Gentle Lady’s around these days and I am not sure if it still is in production as a kit but I bet there must be many of them around waiting to have there wings dusted off ready to take to the sky again.

The 20 year " Old Lady "of on another 45 min flight-30 Dec 2007

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