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Monday, December 03, 2007

Ending the HTL 2007 Season in Grand style.

Samba coming in for finals at the Heidelberg Air strip.

HTL #7 came to grand end this year with a windy but otherwise reasonably good thermal day on Sunday.
After many rounds this year the Top Gun Pilots wanted to consolidate their position in the league standings.

One such competitor, Chris Adrian was faced with the dilemma of attending a family gathering on Sunday afternoon 140 km away form Heidelberg where we were flying.
Traveling by car would mean a +/- 1 and ¾ hour drive to Pretoria, but by aircraft would reduce this by less than half the time+/-(40min).

So Chris took a look at the map and that showed the nearest light aircraft field was only 7km away and when a I got the cell phone call in the week from Chris I was more than willing to meet him and young Conrad early on Sunday morning at the Heidelberg Light aircraft strip. Bad weather during the week (heavy rain and overcast conditions made for difficult decision to fly but a clear sky on Sunday morning and a confirmation call to Chris and the flight was on.

I left home way in time and got on to the Heidelberg Hi-way and suddenly a dense fog set in. (300 meter visibility) I manage to phone Chris before he took off on my cell phone and alerted him about the deteriorating conditions. He said that that he would once again confirm conditions just before take-off. I was quite close to the Heidelberg airfield when the call came in and I was able to confirm a improved visibility. Now at +/- 3km and the fog rapidly disappearing.

Chris and Conrad arriving at the Heidelberg Airfield.

40 min later the Samba made a touch down and taxied in. We left the Samba on the apron, between two hangers, got into the car and a few minuets later arrived at the flying field that Derek and Martie had arranged for the last HTL event.

(picture below) Martie and Owner of the Farm (Che)

As usual everything was well organized, Martie's Traveling Diner provided all the necessary eats and drinks as well as braai packs and charcoal fire at lunchtime.

(Picture below) Scorers Tent.

CD, Gert Nieuwoudt had the scoring and PA well in hand gave us a round by round update as the scores came in.

I struggled to get good times in the early rounds but as the day went on conditions improved and so did my times.

From the BERG team side, Evan with his new V tail Emoyeni did the best ending in 4 place and myself in 11th. Lionel will have a more detailed report later on this week (On the MGA Blog)

(picture below) RED Hot Evan Flying, Derek Timing/Spotting

(picture below) Event Wining team ETB.

After Chris and Conrad, and myself flew the last round, it was time to take them back to the airstrip. I dropped them off and was back at the field before Chris and Conrad did a fly past in the Samba, then headed north to Pretoria.

Hangers at Heidelberg Air strip.

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