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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Celstar rebuild moving right along

The Celstar fuselage is prepped for spraying and I have masked out and sprayed the blue band and the red pin strip. I found a tin of very old blue 2k from one of my bikes, must be about 15 years old but not hard. I should have mixed some with harderner and done a test first but I dont have the patience, so I sprayed the blue, which did not flash off as expected and I thought I would have a big problem with curing. Fortunately overnight it cured and has a lovely shade of deep blue and gloss finish.

The stripes are masked over and the white 2k sprayed the results are pleasing, next I will recover the rudder with solartex and spray the orange on the fin and rudder, the lettering and registrations have been cut from vinyl and after application the whole fuselage will be sprayed with a high gloss clear coat.

Hard to see where the repair join is.

The red stripe was masked using a plastic tape from a automotive paint shop 5mm wide and can be stretched/curved and leaves a sharp paint edge.

The wording Flying Springboks under the canopy will be replaced with the word Celstar.

The canopy mould is screeded with a micro balloon mix and will be water-papered smooth. No paint until the clear canopies have been formed.

The new servo tray needs to go in but this will only be positioned if the clear canopy comes out ok and I go with a full scale cockpit.

More progress pictures next week.


Bala said...

Nice article

Anonymous said...

And the building/repairing machine just keeps on working. I am always amazed at your work ethic Mike - wish some of your enthusiasm would rub off on me, but so far nothing. Still licking my wounds from the new year weekend at Volksrust.
Keep up the good work.