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Monday, January 26, 2009

New ASW 28-18 from Germany

After a long period, nearly 2 years of waiting, I have received my new ASW 28-18.

Wingspan 6 m
Fuselage in Kevlar
4 piece wings with winglets all carbon
Retract wheel
Retract motor with single propeller
Tow coupling for aerotow
in total 13 servos


Mike May said...

One word "FANTASTIC" we hope to this this beauty at the SUNGAZER.

Anonymous said...

Very nice what is it ? a Spad or a Sopworth Camel I really like the blue colour.

Michel said...

That's a Nieuport-17, the smallest plane in my collection 0,48m (48cm)
wingspan. Driven by a small brushless motor. David and Goliath.

Derek Marusich said...

What a beaut Michel. Wish you best of luck and really looking forward to seeing it fly - please let us know when you're going to maiden it and we'll make an event of it. And just for interest sake, how much did you tell your wife you got it for?

Michel said...

Thanks Mike, this bird will need some very strong hands to "Chuck" approx. weight +- 20kg. Will need about 70m runway to self-launch or areo-tow. We are busy preparing a tow-plane, maybe in a month time the setup will be ready.

Michel said...

Derek, I will let you know where and when it will have it's maiden flight, BTW: Whify has full access to my bank account and so long I enjoy and have fun with my toys, she has NO objections.

Derek Marusich said...

Michel, you are indeed a lucky man. I am also fortunate to be in a similar situation where my partner supports me fully in my hobby but reading some of the SARFLY entries, some of the guys seem to have a few problems.


Michel said...

Well, what can I say, IMHO, as the proverb goes: (translated) "How you make your bed so you will lay"