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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Big 5 Fly-In at Volksrust

A few special moments will stick in my mind about the Big 5 trip to Volksrust.

1. On Saturday morning an immature Martial Eagle (?) joined us at the slope. He started attacking the models that were flying at the time. He seemed to be more aggressive towards the models with tail booms and didn't bother too much with the Zagi's. He would actively chase a model and try and grab it. But the models were too fast for him so he tried to intercept a model head to head and he managed to grab Conrad's Toko on the leading edge. The impact was very hard which, the Eagle obviously did not expect. He immediately let go and flew off never to return. He did not seem to be hurt, but the same could not be said for the Toko. There were talon marks on the LE, both sides of the fuselage and the LE was split open from the impact.

2. The late afternoon thermal valley release on Saturday when the wind had died down and the thermal ships could climb up in strong thermal that just didn't seem to stop providing lift.

3. The evening and braai around the camp fire with BERG Blog Birthday Cake by Piet and Robert serenading us with his Guitar, was very special.

4. Sunday morning breakfast at Oom Louis place is always something to look forward to.

5. The awesome lift on the North Point on Sunday. First time I have flown there and I was impressed. Very strong clean lift, allowing nice close in Zagi combat. The landing area is unfortunately restricted, because of bushes close to the edge, but a short walk back gets you into a clearing which made landings easy enough .

For those that came, thanks for making it such a lekker weekend and for those that didn't, all I can say is you missed out and we hope you can all make the next BERG Slope trip. Watch this space.

And then, all too soon it's over and you have to head home again.

PS. Derek and Martie will hopefully have some better photos of the Martial Eagle, amongst others which they will shortly upload for us !

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mike may said...

Piet thanks for the cake .