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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jart Slope Soarer

For anyone interested in a very nice looking Slope Soarer check out this site.

Free plans and lots and lots of help and advice. Apparently the latest rage in the UK and by the looks of it, I'm not surprised. These beautiful high performance slope soarers are not available commercially, so you will never see hundreds of them on the slopes. Instead, the designer, Reed Sherman encourages us to rather build one for ourselves. He provides you with a personalised set of plans for free (got mine already with my name on it!) and his web site is full of advice and help.
One can follow threads of other people who have built these beauties all over the world.
There are many different ways of building too. From low tech Ply and Balsa with built up wings to high tech fully moulded ones. But the most popular method seems to be medium tech, bagged wings with lost foam fuselage.
If one follows the threads you will learn all the tricks without having to re-invent the wheel.
I think I might even be tempted to make one of these little beauties myself.
You should see some of the color schemes that people have made them!
So if you ever want something unique then this is the model to build!


Anonymous said...

that is very looks very fast maybe as fast as a tokco??

Anonymous said...

So many tempting projects, so little time, it goes on my to do list when I get bored.
looks dangerous.

glenglider said...

Hi Evan
I have the EPP version of the Jart which I bought from Jack Cooper at Leading Edge Gliders. I think it is the only one in SA. According to Jartworld Blog, production of these EPP Jarts will cease in December 2007. An announcement about Reeds future plans will also be made then - everyone is hoping he is going to make composite models available commercially....
I will bring my EPP Jart to Volksrust next time I'm there.

mike may said...

I thought the whole JART movement was about building it yourself, Reed the designer seems dead against commercial sales, I support his philosophy otherwise anyone with money can buy one ...this is a plane for the builders.