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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Mark Schutter has been itching to fly his scale ASW22 for some time and Sunday was the day.

It is beautifully decked out in Rothmans Livery. (Anyone for a smoke?) Three servos per wing. Two for ailerons and one for flaps. It is also fitted with blade spoilers which are driven from a servo inside the fuselage.

Proud owner, psyching himself up for the big moment.

Complete with pilot. (John Lightfoot would approve)

It's big, very, very beeeg!

Mark had fortunately put two tow hooks either side of the fuselage, high up the side much closer to the wing. This is a good idea with big fuselages when the wing sits near the top of the fuselage. It helps prevent a lever action from pitching the nose upwards when under pull from the winch.

After assembly Evan and I helped him get it ready for the launch. Because of it's size it is impossible to hand launch so the only option was ROG. (Roll off Ground)

Mark had made a "Y" harness which was attached to the end of the winch line and then to the two tow hooks. The line straightened and final checks done.

Myself was on the wingtip and Mark on the foot switch and all was set to go.

In Mark's words ... "Five seconds before the start and you don't want to be here!....

And then!

It's GO! GO! GO!! And suddenly you are all full of excitement. The adrenaline has your heart pounding and you knees knocking and you feel as if you are on top of the world!"

Beautiful launch! Three frames and about 10 meters, it had lift under the wings and it was flying. Straight and true!

.........IT FLIES !.........

After some initial trimming, the nerves settled down a bit and it was soon in a thermal and climbing away. It is amazing how easily these big ships fly and catch thermals. They are just so graceful and really look the part.

After about 30 minutes Mark decided to bring her down. While there was still enough height the breaks were deployed to test them and she slowed down without any pitching. Perfect!

Then the landing!

Fly around and set up for a smooth approach................


Congratulations Mark!

For those of you wondering what GBAF means.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic you must be thrilled, well done it would be nice to see on the slope some time in some real big air,
I am glad to see no nasties on the winch launch but dont get complacient a tip stall can bite.