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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Once again we are being allowed in on the secret development of this high performance prototype, the pink foam wing cores have now been bagged and the wing is taking shape.

From studying the photos it appears as if no spars are used, but the strength comes from the uni-directional carbon fibre skin.

Interesting is the apparent di-hedral break built in during bagging by using a hindged building board ,sneaky clever.

So what can we learn about building gliders fron these photos, tradional balsawood built up construction still has its place but it is slow and not as strong as the composites, foam cores bagged with epoxy glass is stronger,possibly more accurate , can handle the winch and can be built as a one off, to test flight characteristics. The last method is the fully moulded ship also composite construction fairly quick once you have moulds,light accurate and strong, models can be accurately replicated, a bit more expensive to make due to moulds.

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