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Monday, December 11, 2006


The last post was the preparation for moulding , but common sense has prevailed and rather than rushing , it is better to mould one of the smaller pieces just to get into the swing of things. So I have decided to build the tailplane form and mould it first. The first photo shows the screed of body filler , same as the wing but following the curve(the tips will be made in a similar fashion.)

The reference lines and epoxy are applied , it is also important to seal the superwood as any water that can seep in makes it swell up out of shape.

A couple of coats of 2k finish off , of course the local insect population will also come and land on the wet surface, if they are small dont touch.

The reflections start telling a story , the reflection in this case is a neon light and you can see
the surface in not accurate, if the paint layer is thick enough I wet sand from 600 grit to 800 t0 1200 and then polish.
Look at this photo , you can see the surface is more accurate,but still needs futher finishing.

The wing is now ready for release agent(several coats of ram wax and buffing to a shine) ,check
the reflections indicating an even surface.

With the pieces starting to take shape I calculated the total cost to date at around R800 and estimate that the first product will cost about R4000 but this includes the moulds.Hope its going to fly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Did you build the wing in jail, the last picture, you can clearly se the metal retaining bar's to keep it in.

When will you set it free and what is
the bail amount.
Can you post us a picture of you in your uniform.

Anonymous said...

Judjing by the view, Palm trees etc and I hear the food is good there, I'm not to sure he wants to be set free!

Anonymous said...

forget the backround pay attention in class.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry sir! Very good sir!

(Psst! Nice jail this hey guys!? Check out the comfy bed!)